Making Your Business Thrive in 2014 pt4- Promote!

Posted by vernonsimpson on February 2, 2014


Did you know that a recent study from Stamford University found that on average successful companies spend approximately £1067 per year training each  of  their employees ? But do you think most of these companies get value for money from such investments?

On the whole, people enjoy training, they really do. With any decent facilitator, participants mostly leave satisfied and motivated, and with intention to do something differently.

But something seems to be broken when it comes to what happens next; because alarmingly research shows that on average, for every six people involved in a learning experience only one person applies this knowledge and follow it through!

The problem is in nutshell is that getting learning to stick, and successfully transferring it into an organisation is a huge problem. Millions of pounds invested into training is wasted as a result of haphazard planning, insufficient support, inefficient processes, and inattention to results. Being practical, relevant and inspiring at the point of delivery is not enough for learning & development to justify itself – it needs to make a difference, and the difference is truly made outside the classroom.

To address this learning transfer problem we have joined forces with our Strategic Partners Phoenix Training to deliver to organisations such as yourselves a new learning platform called PROMOTE®.

PROMOTE® doesn’t replace face-to-face training in the classroom – it enhances it massively, allowing face-to-face events to add the value they are best-designed for, i.e  practical exercises, immediate feedback, and dynamic group shared experience. In a time-poor, global market, it makes sure that sessions can be delivered in the medium that suits them best. And every programme is built uniquely to fit the client’s culture and style.

Have a look at this animated video:

So if you have any such contacts that could do with this fantastic tool it would be great if you can put us in touch with them.

Until the next time.

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business Coach,

Coaching Business Owners and Executives to their next level of Excellence



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