Making Your Business Thrive part 5 : Become the ‘go-to’ business in 2019

Posted by vernonsimpson on October 9, 2018


As part of our continuing efforts to ensure that your business thrive in 2014, I  am delighted to be able to present a unique opportunity to impact you and your business in dramatic ways.  We have just confirmed that one of the world’s leading business experts, Paul Dunn, will be speaking to our clients and guests on Thursday 13th February at the prestigious Roehampton Golf Club in Wandsworth.


A Radical Plan: Building your business with the Power of Small is a master class focussed on giving you the tools to build your business to new highs. You’ll see business-building example after example, insight after insight. What’s more, you’ll discover precisely how to add the ideas into your business at zero-cost as you magnify the power of small.


Paul Dunn is at the very forefront of business leadership globally. As a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Paul was the marketing genius behind Hewlett Packard, his ideas have inspired and transformed many companies around the world.  The impact of the stunning insights he shares with you in this fast-paced stimulating event will live with you forever!

You will also get the chance to meet one of my Strategic partners, Jonathan Amponsah from The Tax Guys.  As the author of a new book entitled ’63 ways to grow your business fast’, Jonathan will share with you the key ideas and fundamental aspects of growing any business.

Jonathan says “As a business owner, very few things will be more important to you than the future well being of your business. However, today, more than ever, you need to significantly lift your game if you want to build and sustain a profitable business”.


Because it makes a real difference!  You’ll discover a host of very different things:

  • How to set your business apart in simple ways so that you become the ‘go-to’ business (even though you might be small)
  • How to avoid the ‘lowest-cost supplier’ syndrome and turn your business into the ‘preferred’ supplier, getting the prices YOU want
  • How to turn your enterprise into an ‘ETI’ — an Enterprise That Inspires.
  • How entrepreneurs build ‘Moments of Connection’ into every business process in the most surprising (and very small) ways
  • How to make sure you CONNECT in an entirely different and deeper way with existing and potential customers
  • Why the understanding of ‘WORDS MATTER’ is so crucial in your enterprise
  • How to do it for absolutely zero cost; you will be surprised at how it’s done
  • Why generosity makes so much difference and how to embed it right into the DNA of your business
  • How a little-known BBC report holds a major, major key for your business
  • How to have a huge and powerful new sense of purpose in your business
  • How to leverage what you’re doing to make an even more profound difference …… just by doing what you normally do.


Don’t miss out.  We have secured a discount for The Tax Guys clients and guests and you can save over 70% off the full ticket price.

BOOK NOW AT THE SPECIAL RATE OF ONLY £32* PER PERSON (limited tickets available at this special price)

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*Rate only available to The Tax Guys clients and associated guests.  Full ticket price £117.

Making Your Business Thrive in 2014 pt4- Promote!

Posted by vernonsimpson on February 2, 2014


Did you know that a recent study from Stamford University found that on average successful companies spend approximately £1067 per year training each  of  their employees ? But do you think most of these companies get value for money from such investments?

On the whole, people enjoy training, they really do. With any decent facilitator, participants mostly leave satisfied and motivated, and with intention to do something differently.

But something seems to be broken when it comes to what happens next; because alarmingly research shows that on average, for every six people involved in a learning experience only one person applies this knowledge and follow it through!

The problem is in nutshell is that getting learning to stick, and successfully transferring it into an organisation is a huge problem. Millions of pounds invested into training is wasted as a result of haphazard planning, insufficient support, inefficient processes, and inattention to results. Being practical, relevant and inspiring at the point of delivery is not enough for learning & development to justify itself – it needs to make a difference, and the difference is truly made outside the classroom.

To address this learning transfer problem we have joined forces with our Strategic Partners Phoenix Training to deliver to organisations such as yourselves a new learning platform called PROMOTE®.

PROMOTE® doesn’t replace face-to-face training in the classroom – it enhances it massively, allowing face-to-face events to add the value they are best-designed for, i.e  practical exercises, immediate feedback, and dynamic group shared experience. In a time-poor, global market, it makes sure that sessions can be delivered in the medium that suits them best. And every programme is built uniquely to fit the client’s culture and style.

Have a look at this animated video:

So if you have any such contacts that could do with this fantastic tool it would be great if you can put us in touch with them.

Until the next time.

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business Coach,

Coaching Business Owners and Executives to their next level of Excellence



Make your business thrive in 2014 – Part 3: Create a winning sales team

Posted by vernonsimpson on January 9, 2014

In the last two weeks we have been talking about critical things that you must do to make your business an outstanding success in 2014

So let’s imagine that you have done your SWOT analysis, developed your strategic plan and you have taken a hard look at one of your most critical resources and that is your sales team.   It has become clear to you that if you don’t have a sales team that sizzles, you’ll struggle mightily in the coming year.

Poorly managed sales staff and a lack of a systematised sales process is one of the biggest problems I see business owners make.  However, all of this can be corrected with an effective Sales Management System.

This week and next week I am going to show you how to do this. Let’s get started!

1. Develop Key Performance Indicators for Your Sales Team.  First things first, you need to know what specific numbers your sales team needs to hit in order make your business thrive.  This sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses fail to calculate these numbers!

Of course, it’s not as simple as just setting some arbitrary standard and leaving it at that.  To be most effective, you need to base these numbers on actual, past results – so that you’re not creating goals that are either so high that they’re unattainable, or so low that they don’t stretch anyone.

2. Tie Your Employees’ Performance to their Compensation.  When your staff has a vested, financial interest in their results, their output will soar.  Some business owners shy away from this, but believe me when I say that almost nothing you do will prove more powerful in terms of increased effort and productivity.

3. Create an Environment Where Your Sales Staff Can Thrive as Individuals.  Everyone is different.  They are motivated by different passions and goals.  Effective sales managers understand this, and motivate their people by showing them how reaching their sales targets will help them achieve what they really want out of life.

One of the best things you can do is to have everyone on your staff create a “Vision Book” that outlines in specific, visual detail what they’re really working for: the car, the house, the vacations, the ability to give to the charities and causes that mean the most to them, the financial security, whatever.   I will say more about this in next week’s presentation, including a free resource that will help your team produce great results this  year.


Until the next time.

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business Coach,

Coaching Business Owners and Executives to their next level of Excellence


Make your business THRIVE in 2014 Part 2

Posted by vernonsimpson on January 2, 2014

As I was saying last week it is very important that we focus on what will make your business thrive in 2014. My first tip was to help you put in place measures that will enable you to side step any negative conditions that could derail you, and to position your business to thrive with the use of the SWOT analysis.

This week I want to tell you how you can improve your SWOT analysis by taking a hard look at your current resources and how to get the most out of them. This will help your capital go further and increase your profit margin in 2014 by maximizing what you already have. These include:

  • Recognising  the obvious
  • Unconventional breakthroughs
  • Facing  the facts

Recognising the Obvious

Sometimes when you are too close to something, you can’t make out the big picture. You need to step back and really take a hard look at the resources you currently have in front of you. You are surrounded by opportunities that can boost your career and help your business become more successful but maybe you are just too close to things to see this?

Unconventional Breakthroughs

Don’t sit around waiting for breakthroughs you need to create them yourself. A breakthrough is merely a new way of doing things or finding a new thing to do for the same or better results. You should be having regular brainstorming sessions and encouraging your team to come forward with breakthroughs or ideas any time they have them.

Some great examples of breakthroughs are:

  • A health and beauty company discovers a side effect of a product that can be re-marketed and sold.
  • A company creates a roll-on deodorant inspired by the shape and size of a ball point pen.
  • The founder of Nike poured rubber onto a waffle iron and created the most innovative and successful running shoe ever.

When a strategising for a breakthrough in 2014 there are some key objectives you need to keep in mind. They are:

  1. Look for the hidden opportunity in every situation
  2. Look for at least one cash windfall for your business every three months.
  3. The more value for your client, the better your breakthrough.
  4. Create multiple streams of ideas to find the best breakthroughs.
  5. Effective breakthroughs remove all risk or resistance.

Face the Facts

Before you can put your breakthroughs to work you need to face the facts of the processes and systems that are not working for you and work to correct or get rid of them. There are some great questions you can present to you and your team to get a handle on where your business is right now. They are:

  1. Why did I first start this business? Why am I in this industry?
  2. What products/services did I offer then? Which were the most popular?
  3. Why are my customers/clients buying from me right now?
  4. How did I generate new customers/clients then?
  5. Which of my marketing efforts were bringing in the best results?

Once you’ve got some answers to these questions, you’ll know better how to approach your weaknesses and really pay attention to what will help make your business a great success in 2014.

Until the next time.

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business Coach,

Coaching Business Owners and Executives to their next leve

Make your business THRIVE in 2014!

Posted by vernonsimpson on December 26, 2013

What is the one thing you can do as a small business owner to make sure economical and   other external factors do not have a negative impact on your business in 2014? Is there anything you can do right now that will enable your business to sidestep negative conditions and position your business to not only survive, but THRIVE in the coming year?

What you need to know…

For the coming year there is one basic business principle that can help you turn negative economic and environmental factors to your advantage and you can use this same principle in your business to become the predominant force in your market. It’s called a SWOT Analysis, and it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Why you need to know this…

A SWOT Analysis will help you discover your personal strengths, weaknesses, and lessons from 2013. If you do it right, you can use that information to position yourself so that your business perform its highest income-producing activities in the New Year. That immediately jump-starts revenue and profits for your business. I always do the SWOT Analysis on my coaching assignments and ensure that my clients combine it with our unique 1 page strategic planning process, and that we update it every 90 days for maximum success.

When we combine SWOT with our strategic planning, this will allow you to predict threats to your business, and develop a pre-determined plan of action that will enable you to turn any threat that materialises in the New Year into an instant opportunity. It worked for Toyota, didn’t it? They were the only car company whose SWOT Analysis predicted the gas crisis, and the public’s current demand for hybrid vehicles.

Do you have an up to date SWOT Analysis for your business in the coming year?

Do you know the tools required to properly perform one?

Do you have any idea what your strengths and weaknesses are, or for that matter, what your highest income-producing activities are for your business and what they should be in the New Year?

Do you know how to combine it all with the other critical success factors for your business into a  1 page strategic plan that you and your team can use every week in your business to make 2014 your best year ever?                                    

If you don’t, what will be the costs to your business in 2014 if you fail to act now?

Develop these critical skills and you will position your business as the obvious choice for your prospects to buy from and move your business forward with confidence.

Until the next time

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business Coach

Coaching Business Owners and Executives to their next level of Excellence

P.S. Please remember that at any time you feel ready and qualified to move forward and acquire the professional help that can enable you to build the business of your dreams, just make an appointment with me by clicking here: At Nydes we have the perfect combination of online and off line resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you’re presently experiencing… help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities… and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that will build a multimillion pound business for you in 2014.